Welcome to The Internet made as Easy as Sunday Morning for Seniors.

This website will provide further information and ongoing updates for the video training series focusing on guiding seniors and the elderly into a new and improved, easier, and more fun way of aging and learning.  Partnering with the UWF’s Leisure Learning Society, I’m taking on bridging the digital generational divide as my final capstone project for an MA in strategic communication and leadership.

I’ve hand selected internet resources and applications that are of unique interest to seniors aged 55+, categorizing the month-long video training series into four categories:

  • Communication medium
  • Information sources
  • Task-oriented tools
  • Leisure activities

Check the YouTube channel for videos, and please sign-up with the e-mail form in the upper-right hand corner to stay informed about new releases.  Additionally, you can stay connected on our Facebook and Twitter channels.  You can reach me at sundaymorninginternet@gmail.com

Click here to read the latest posts.

Training videos will begin rolling out October 1st!  Stay tuned 🙂

All my best,
–Troy G. Stepherson


  1. Nubi Echevarria · · Reply

    Way to go Troy, I’m so proud of you. Yes, indeed this is a wonderful idea. I ‘m sure I will pass it to my not there yet friend seniors, even not seniors need this information. Nubia

    1. Thank you! I hope you got something out of it. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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